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3d ستيريو المحمولة الكهربائية رمش بكرة - زهري


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وصف المنتج

الفئة: رمش بكرة الشعر
الموسم: خريف,ربيع,الصيف,شتاء
وزن: 0.1500kg
محتويات الحزمة: 1 × الكهربائية رمش بكرة

Product Features:
-Comfortably and beautifully curls lashes in seconds with gentle, evenly applied heat along the entire length of the lash
-Portable and easy to use
-Requires 1 x AA battery to operate. (Battery not included)
How to use:
-Pull out the battery cell out of the aluminum pen and insert 1 AAA battery. Slide the switch to ON position to activate unit. The green light will illuminate
- Let the curler heat for about 20 seconds
-Place the heated comb directly under eyelash line. Gently lift eyelashes with curler against your eyelid. Hold the position for 8~10 seconds (Do not press curler directly on the eyelid). Continue until desired look is achieved
-When finished, slide the on/off button downward to the off position
-For the best, long lasting results, we recommend a coat of mascara after curling
-Please do not wash the curler by water directly.
-Please put the product at indoor or dry place.
-Please keep the product away from the children.
-Please kindly note that the item will be work after using mascara

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